Our company, Modesun  has saved lots of organisations millions of naira on old or damaged furniture and other office fittings through recycling, overhauling and/or spring-cleaning them to make them all new again and increase their lifespan further.

Furniture Recycling include change of furniture pattern, change of colours, enlargement/reduction spring-cleaning of dirty fabrics, upholstering, re-polishing, realignment, fixing new auxiliary and rollers for damaged office chair, damaged tables and draws,  and many more.

Our services are designed to help businesses save time and money. From furniture to window blinds, interiors, doors and other furniture fittings, our maintenance activities include keeping furniture infrastructure in offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories and homes in proper shape and in a routine check to prevent failure and/or degradation.

Aside saving money,  the end products are more durable and we also provide a very efficient after sales service which is one of the best within the industry. We adhere to the high standard of craftsmanship, quality, class and elegant designs.

The aim of this proposal is to introduce our company to you and kick start an amazing and fruitful relationship.