We offer a full range of commercial services and delivery of all brands of furniture. Modesun is also capable of recycling and/or spring cleaning your current office or home furniture to increase its lifespan. Our after sales service is one of the best in the industry.

Our factory which is located on a large expanse of land is constantly being upgraded with manufacturing facilities that conforms with international standards. We have sourced all around the world for hi-tech wood making machines, wood treatment, wood carving and second to none upholstery machines & kits.

Our goal is to provide timeless furniture by merging our commitment, passion and hunger for excellence. We believe in providing value and longevity to clients through quality, cost effective services, collaborations, and constant improvement in service delivery. The experience and know-how of our workforces have guaranteed the company’s capability to always surpass our clients’ expectations and enjoys the benefit of our quality products and excellent services.