Modesun Furniture is an indigenous furniture manufacturing, steel construction and full service company with interests in office stationeries & equipment, interiors, facility management (soft and hard) and general supplies. Our company adheres to the high standard of craftsmanship, quality, class and elegant designs for homes, offices, restaurants, schools, lounges and hotels.
We offer a full range of commercial services, from moving, to installation, reconfiguration, and delivery of all brands of furniture and office essentials. Modesun is also capable of repairing and/or cleaning your current office furniture to increase its lifespan.
We are a company with fundamental proficiency in diverse kinds of furniture such as kitchen cabinets, wooden/iron doors, wardrobes, bedroom furniture, Hotel furniture, office furniture, dining set, Gates and so on. We also provide a very efficient after sales service which is one of the best within the industry. The experience and know-how of our workforces have guaranteed the company’s capability to always surpass our clients’ expectations and enjoys the benefit of our quality products and excellent services.  Our upgraded manufacturing facilities conform with international standards.

Our goal is to provide timeless furniture by merging our commitment, passion and hunger for excellence. We believe in providing value and longevity to clients through quality, cost effective services, collaborations, and constant improvement in service delivery.
We have understood trailblazing manufacturing progressions that guarantee our products are top notch with a warranty of nothing less two years.


  • Create an ambience for our clients using all elements of designs
  • Correctly Interpret clients’ requirements
  • Give value for money
  • Add value to the lives of our employees

Assurance | Reliability | Team Work | Invention | Environment | Excellence

To constantly provide renown products for a more comfortable and happy living.

To become the most preferred company in  Africa within our spheres of influence.

Customer satisfaction is our watchword through dedicated quality service delivery in all our products. We shall not only meet all our customers’ needs but also routinely exceed customers’ requirements through continual improvement

The Steel Construction arm of our company was founded on the principle of integrity in professional practice and excellence service delivery. Within a short time, we have garnered numerous clients, most especially residential projects with the provision of quality gates and iron doors.

Our company carries out esthetic review to understand the client’s likes and desires. We also establish the lifestyle or professional necessities of the space

Our company have partnered with importers of various lighting and home appliance companies in Nigeria.
Durability and style at highly competitive prices are the defining features of the products and we believe in providing value for money today and forever to our prestigious customers.
Customer satisfaction is our watchword through dedicated quality service delivery in all our products.